Arbonia stands for quality and in order to be able to provide this continuously, it demands and promotes its employees and gives them trust, appreciation and respect.

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Working at Arbonia in Switzerland

Arbonia stands for quality and in order to be able to provide this continuously, it demands and promotes its employees and gives them trust, appreciation and respect.
In Switzerland, Arbonia employs more than 500 people in a wide range of areas. The information on this page relates to the Arbonia companies based in Switzerland - information on the subsidiaries abroad can be found on the relevant website (see organisational chart below).

Working environment

Promoting and supporting a positive working environment is important to us. In addition to the area of work, we also include other areas of the employees' lives. The compatibility of these areas of life is the focus of our actions. This applies in particular to the compatibility of family and work. We accompany and support our employees in stages of life in which aspects of life become particularly important that are not directly linked to the pursuit of a profession. To this end, we offer our employees extensive individual support in finding solutions. For example, we make it possible for mothers to return to work after maternity leave so that they do not miss the connection on the one hand, and on the other hand so that they can retain and consolidate valuable know-how in the company. Management functions for mothers are also supported and expanded. 

Working hours

Weekly working hours in accordance with the Arbonia Group's employment contract provisions.

Block and flexitime may vary according to business area. Overtime is generally remunerated and is based on the labour law provisions of the CLA Swissmem.

Holiday entitlement

After the age of 20:

20 years of age 25 working days
40th year of age 27 working days
50th year of age 30 working days

Seniority anniversaries

In recognition of company loyalty, length of service awards may be made on a voluntary basis in both financial and time form.

Daily sickness and accident insurance

Daily sickness benefits insurance
Insurance: Visana
Duration of daily sickness benefit: 730 days
Daily sickness benefit: at least 80% (depending on year of service)

Accident insurance
Insurance: SUVA
Accident daily allowance: 80% with unlimited duration of benefits
Accident supplement: insurance by Visana (at employer's expense), hospitalisation in private ward possible


The contractually defined salary is decisive and is based on the industry and the annual CH comparison. The monthly payment is always made on the 25th of the current month.

13th month's salary
A year-end bonus amounting to one month's salary is paid in November. If the employment relationship did not last the whole year, the bonus is paid pro rata temporis.

Unpaid holiday

Unpaid holiday may be taken provided it has been approved in writing by the employee's line manager and HR business partner.

Maternity and paternity leave

In addition to the mandatory maternity insurance (EO), Arbonia supplements the benefits from 14 to 16 weeks and pays 100% of the salary (depending on the length of service).

Paternity leave is regulated according to the legal requirements. The entitlement of 10 days must be taken within 6 months and is compensated with the full salary.

Occupational pension scheme

The Arbonia Group has an attractive occupational pension scheme that insures insures more than the statutory minimum benefits. The insured salary is calculated on the basis of the monthly salary less the coordination deduction. 

In the case of part-time employment, the coordination deduction is reduced in proportion to the workload. of the workload.

From the age of 35, there is the option of switching to savings plan B (2% more retirement assets). This increases the pension or lump-sum payment at retirement. 

Upon retirement, Arbonia offers individual solutions and carries out preparatory measures before the and conducts appropriate preparatory courses before the start of the 3rd phase of life.

Occupational health management

We want our employees to be healthy and stay fit! All our employees are part of the Arbonia FITGSUND company health management program. With various measures such as free water stations, fruit, participation in sports events and various other benefits, we support their health throughout the year. we support their health throughout the year.

Personnel development

At Arbonia, we attach great importance to training and continuing education. Employees are supported with educational leave and partial cost sharing.

Numerous further training opportunities in the areas of technical, personal, social, entrepreneurial and managerial skills can be facilitated as required. In addition, further professional measures are ensured with internal and external training courses. The direct supervisor examines the subject of further training at least before the annual employee appraisal.


Discounts: in the areas of leisure, fitness, cars and accessories, IT accessories, Reka-Check and much more.

Infrastructure: modern and attractive workplaces, free parking and underground parking spaces

Rewards: e.g. employees recruit employees

Events/goodies: Various staff events, individual gifts (e.g. Easter nests), discounted catering options, in-house restaurant at the Arbon site


Working at the Arbonia companies abroad


Wood Solutions

Glass Solutions

Apprenticeship at Arbonia

A vocational trainer is responsible for the training of apprentices in each apprenticeship occupation. He or she is responsible for the quality of the training, the design of the training programmes and content, and is the primary contact person for the apprentices. The vocational trainer is supported by the various practical trainers who ensure, guide and monitor practical training in the workplace in the operational departments.

To ensure uniform standards across all apprenticeships, there are internal vocational training regulations valid throughout Switzerland that clearly define the training processes as well as the rights and obligations of the apprentices. This forms the basis for high-quality training and the smooth running of the apprenticeship.

The progress of the training is planned, reviewed and evaluated every semester. Although it should not be the first priority during the apprenticeship phase, it is important to us to also reward good performance appropriately by paying suitable bonuses for above-average performance in practice and vocational school. Good performance should be rewarded!

Last but not least: The apprenticeship period is demanding and it is necessary to reconcile requirements and tasks from various areas of life. This is not easy. We therefore try to offer our apprentices attractive activities outside of the daily work routine with occasional events.

People at Arbonia

Novinka Krajisnik, logistics specialist goods received with Arbonia Solutions AG

I have been working at Arbonia Solutions AG since November 1994. In all these years, I have been able to gain a lot of experience in various departments and functions. I have operated a wide variety of machines and completed the respective courses. I have been working in logistics since 2017. My main tasks are receiving goods, processing returns, picking direct customer orders and storing various products for the companies Arbonia Solutions AG and Prolux Solutions AG. At the moment I am in further training to become a certified Swiss logistics expert. I am very happy about this support and that employees are given the opportunity for further training. I am very happy with the atmosphere in the team and with my supervisor and his management. I really enjoy my work and feel very comfortable. It is important to me that I can also make a valuable contribution to the team. I also like the fact that I can work very independently. For the future, I hope to successfully complete my training and have another exciting time at Arbonia Solutions AG.

I like to spend my free time with my family. I enjoy this time very much. Our next holiday destination together is America, which we would like to visit. To balance out my work, I go for walks and bike rides on the beautiful Lake Constance.

Yves Siegwart, department head project management with RWD Schlatter AG

My time at RWD started in January 2000 as a project manager, even though I only had experience as a carpenter up until then. Soon I was promoted to be the head of the department. I was very young at the time and had no experience in leadership, which is why that task was a big challenge for me. But I really wanted to master this challenge. For a few years now, I have been leading 20 employees and I have learned a lot in that time. My main tasks are the leadership of my team, personnel and capacity planning, budgeting and active participation and support in the daily business and projects. The support of our different branches is also a part of my responsibilities. On top of that, I am the main contact point for all customer complaints. Our department is the one point of contact, where all of our internal departments and  customers come together and is thus responsible for the complete order. This makes this function extremly varied and interesting, but also makes it a challege, as every customer order is unique. At RWD I especially like the informal culture and the friendly atmosphere. Also, I can exercise my creativity in my daily work and I have many freedoms, which is a big plus for me. I try to fill my job with as much enthusiasm as possible, engage  and fight for both my team and the company. On top of my job as head of the department, I am also the president of the employee committee. Within the committee it is very important for us to keep and improve on our informal and relaxed culture, as well as the cohesion within the company. 


How do I apply to a position within Arbonia?

Each company has its own HR manager, who is listed in the overview with contact details. Unsolicited applications for individual companies should be submitted directly to this person. We are happy to receive applications for all advertised positions exclusively via the online tool. This ensures that applications are processed quickly.

Which documents should be included in my application?

Complete documents facilitate further processing, which is why we expect: Letter of motivation, CV (in tabular form) including photo, references and diplomas.

When can I expect a reply?

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation email, after which we will make every effort to process your application as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

What data protection applies?

All informations that you have sent, will be treated strictly confidential and will only be used in the context of your job application.


Do you have any questions or suggestions?

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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