Peter Barandun

Chairman of the Nomination and Compensation Committee

1964, Swiss citizen
Executive MBA HSG

Non-executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since 17 April 2015 (2014 – 2015 non-executive member of the Board of Directors). 1985 – 1990 Deputy Head of Sales at Grossenbacher AG, St. Gallen; 1990 – 1995 Head of Sales Eastern Switzerland at Bauknecht AG, Lenzburg; 1995 – 1996 Head of Sales Switzerland/member of the management of Bauknecht AG, Lenzburg; 1996 – 2002 Director of the divisions Electrolux and Zanussi Electrolux AG, Zurich; since 2002 CEO Electrolux Switzerland/Chairman of the Board of Directors of Electrolux AG, Zurich. Peter Barandun has never been part of the executive management of Arbonia or its subsidiaries. He has no material business relationships with Arbonia or its subsidiaries.

Other activities and vested interests: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Electrolux Holding AG, Zurich ZH, and of Electrolux AG, Zurich ZH; Vice-Chairman of FEA (Swiss Association of the Domestic and Industrial Electrical Appliances), Zurich ZH; Vice-Chairman of the Board of Swiss-Ski (Swiss Ski Association), Muri near Bern BE; member of the Board of Directors of Fundamenta Group Holding AG, Zug ZG.