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Based on the Science Based Targets Initiative, Arbonia is making the commitment to substantially reduce the CO² emissions in Scope 1, 2, and 3 by 2035, to contribute to effectively limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.


Sustainability strategy

Corporate Governance

Towards both the public and financial markets, Arbonia is aiming for an open information policy on the basis of the listing rules and regulations of SIX Exchange Regulation as well as the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance.


Corporate Governance

Why Arbonia?

  1. Market leadership in Central Europe for doors (wood and glass) and steel panel radiators as well as a strong challenger position in fast growing, sustainable heating & ventilation systems as an integrated systems provider.
  2. Future oriented product portfolio with growth products catering to mega trends as well as cash generating mature products.
  3. Cost leadership through well invested, highly automated production facilities, vertical integration and leading production footprint.
  4. Very positive market prospects for housing driven by urbanisation and old building stock, supported by the European Green Deal.
  5. Proven track record of our highly stock incentivised management to execute the right investments to raise productivity and profitability thus generating value for investors.       


Why Arbonia?

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Division is a leading supplier of heat transfer products for all applications, in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As a supplier of integrated systems and components for a comfortable indoor climate, it offers both mature and fast-growing products such as heat pumps and energy storage systems.


Details on the HVAC Division

With the Business Unit Wood Solutions, the Doors Division is one of Europe's leading suppliers of interior doors and frames from wooden materials. In its home markets, it offers customers a comprehensive product range from standard doors to complex functional doors. With its Business Unit Glass Solutions, it is also the European market leader in convincing shower solutions.

Details on the Doors Division


Arbonia with a challenging first half-year of 2022

Half-year results 2022 (reported)

  • Revenue growth of 7.2% (organic 9.8%) to CHF 630.9 million
  • Strong increase in materials ratio from 45.0% to 51.4%
  • EBITDA: CHF 52.4 million after CHF 67.6 million in the previous year
  • EBIT: CHF 17.8 million after CHF 34.9 million in the previous year
  • Group result after tax: CHF 11.7 million after CHF 23.6 million in the previous year
  • Increase in net working capital (NWC) of around CHF 118 million (previous year CHF 33 million)
  • Arbonia expects a significantly stronger second half-year of 2022 compared to the first half-year of 2022 and also the second half-year of 2021.

Arbon, 23 August 2022 – Arbonia looks back at a challenging first half-year of 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to considerable increases in raw material prices, sharply rising energy prices, as well as problems with supply chains, which all affected Arbonia as well. In the face of this political crisis and the associated change in thinking, Arbonia's strategy with modern products (heat pump, ventilation, underfloor heating, battery storage, etc.) for energy-efficient and self-sufficient buildings has proven to be all the more correct. In addition to their well-known economic advantages, these products accelerate the transition to buildings that are independent of fossil energy sources and electricity prices. The investments decided on and implemented in the past are also paying off by countering wage inflation and increased material prices with increases in productivity.

In the first half-year of 2022, Arbonia was able to increase its net revenue in Swiss francs by 7.2% compared to the same period in the previous year, from CHF 588.6 million to CHF 630.9 million. Growth when adjusted for currency and acquisition effects was 9.8%. During the same period, EBITDA decreased from CHF 67.6 million to CHF 52.4 million due to the massive increase in the materials ratio from 45.0% to 51.4% (material price increases of around CHF 68 million). Consequently, the EBITDA margin also decreased from 11.5% in the previous year to 8.3%. A negative effect on the absolute EBITDA resulted from the strength of the Swiss franc, among other factors, which appreciated by a high single-digit percentage against almost all currencies relevant to Arbonia, causing results achieved in foreign countries to be lower than budgeted when converted into Swiss francs. EBIT reached CHF 17.8 million (CHF 34.9 million in the previous year). The group result (after taxes) amounted to CHF 11.7 million and is below the previous year's value of CHF 23.6 million. 

In the reporting period, the cash flow from operating activities amounted to CHF –68.6 million (CHF 51.6 million in the previous year). In addition to the low EBITDA contribution, this was above all due to the sharp rise in the NWC, which increased by around CHF 118 million in the first half-year. After the deduction of investments (capex) and including the premature buyback of the Corporate Center, a free cash flow of CHF –142.9 million resulted. As of 30 June 2022, net debt amounted to CHF 68.4 million. No one-time effects occurred in the first half-year of 2022.

The shareholders' equity increased to CHF 1016.1 million (previous year CHF 927.6 million). Consequently, the equity ratio also increased from 55.8% in the previous year to a very solid 66.1%.

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Roadshows and Conferences

Date Event Venue
12.01.2023 Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Bad Ragaz (CH)
13.01.2023 Octavian Seminar Flims (CH)

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Financial calender

Date Event Venue
28.02.2023 Publication of annual results 2022 Zurich (CH)
21.04.2023 Annual General Meeting Rorschach (CH)


Annual General Meeting

The next Annual General Meeting of Arbonia AG will take place on 21 April 2023.

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Information on the AGM

Arbonia at a glance


  2021 1 2020 1 2019 1
Net revenues 1'186.2 1'038.4 1'057.8
EBITDA 2 134.3 114.5 107.7
EBIT 2 67.0 52.1 49.1
Net results 41.1 28.1 30.1
Dividend 0.30 4 0.25 3 0.22 3


1 continued operations (excl. Windows Division)
2 excl. one-time effects
3 Dividends for 2019 and 2020 were payed out in a single, combined sum in 2021
4 Proposal to shareholders

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