Alexander Kaiss

1969, German citizen
Graduate mechanical engineer, Technical University of Munich (D)

Chief Executive Officer of the Climate Division since 1 July 2021, 2018 – 2020 Chief Operating Officer of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Division (now the Climate Division), 2013 – 2017 Technology Director of the Heating Technology Business Unit, 2001 – 2012 Plant Manager Kermi s.r.o., 1997 – 2001 Head of Shower Stall Engineering at Kermi GmbH; 1995 –1997 production scheduling engineer for air bag control units (automotive engineering area) at SIEMENS AG.

Other activities and vested interests: member of the board of directors of the Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH), Cologne (D); chairman of the board of directors of the Quality Association Steel Radiators, Cologne (D).