Rollout for Redox-Flow Battery Storage

Particularly durable, non-combustible and sustainable storage technology from European production

Prolux Solutions is starting the rollout of its long-life battery storage for homes. The STORAC home storage system uses non-combustible redox flow battery technology and is produced in Europe in favour of short delivery distances. The 6 kWh storage unit was specially designed for private homes and intensively tested in practice. Another flow battery model with a capacity of 10 kWh is in preparation.


Over three years of development and extensive field tests

"The responsible Arbonia development department with more than 100 employees invested over three years in the product development of the STORAC and carried out multi-stage, extensive field tests. As a result, we come to the market with a technically mature and reliable device right from the start," says Head of the Business Unit Johannes Häntzschel, Prolux Solutions.

The special challenge for the developers was to make the redox flow technology, which has already proven itself on an industrial scale since the 1990s, also usable for homes. Redox flow batteries are very durable, they retain their almost one hundred percent capacity even after twenty to thirty years of operation.

Nationwide customer service

In order to be able to offer installers nationwide customer service, Prolux uses the expertise and network of the Arbonia Group. To this end, the Group has created the Battery Storage business unit. It bundles the development, product management, sales and service of energy storage systems. Right from the start, three regional offices in Germany will provide office and field service for the new storage unit.

Design optimised for easy installation and maintenance

The STORAC is constructed in such a way that installation can be carried out by two craftsmen. With a height of 200 cm and a footprint of 60 by 60 centimetres, the housing is the size of a refrigerator. During operation, the storage unit is monitored by a user-friendly app. Remote monitoring and maintenance are carried out via the internet.

The technology of the storage unit consists of two electrolyte tanks, pumps, the stack and the control electronics. The tanks contain a vanadium solution as electrolyte, which consists of 92 percent water. To store or release energy, the electrolyte is pumped through the stack.

For commissioning, first the housing with the technology is set up, then the two times 150 litres of electrolyte are filled in. This means that craftsmen do not have to lift heavy loads.

The AC-coupled storage tank is emergency power-capable and cascadable. It has a capacity of 6 kWh at a depth of discharge of 100 per cent and a nominal charge/discharge.