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Annual Report


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  • Innovations at Swissbau
    Arbonia and Prolux introduced their innovations at Swissbau, Switzerland’s most important industry trade show.

  • Convincing quality, design and functionality
    Ascotherm eco received the Plus X Award 2014 for its excellent quality, design and functionality.

  • Innovation made in Italy
    Sabiana products guarantee an optimum ambient climate for all application areas.

  • Cross-generation showers
    Cross-generation showers for everybody: Line E70 and Walk-In XB.

  • Product innovations presented
    The new lift-and-slide door segment and the new wooden front-door portfolio presented by EgoKiefer were crowd-pullers at the Swissbau trade show in Basel.

  • Ego®Fresh – decentralised mechanical ventilation concept
    The new Ego®Fresh ventilation concept from EgoKiefer is the first decentralised mechanical ventilation concept to fulfil the strict requirements according to SIA 2023 and is officially recognised by MINERGIE®.

  • New production plant in Pravenec
    The construction of the new production building for vinyl windows in Pravenec was finished after a project period of only 18 months. The first vinyl windows for Switzerland will be produced in the new hall starting from April 2015.

  • Dazzling safety
    The safety aspects of the elegant glass-clad doors in the new Westlink building complex near the Zurich Altstetten railway station are practically invisible. The doors include elements with the Forster fuego light system in fire protection class EI30.

  • Restored to time-honoured elegance
    The Forster unico profile system was used for the doors and windows when renovating Lingner Castle in Dresden, Germany, which was built in 1853. Thanks to their slim look, the elements fitted ideally into the walls of the former residence of Baron von Stockhausen.