Return to normal work time at AFG

Arbon, 14 May 2013 – As planned, the increase in working time of two hours per week for employees of AFG companies in Switzerland will expire at the end of June or the end of July 2013 and will not be extended. The working week will therefore be reduced by two hours a week for the approximately 1,700 members of staff as of July or August 2013.

The increase in the working time of employees in Switzerland of AFG Management AG, the Business Unit Kitchens, the Divisions of Heating Technology and Sanitary Equipment, Windows and Doors, Steel Technology and Surface Technology began in 2012, in order to counter the continuing strong economic pressure on the company. The increase in productivity that was achieved has helped to reduce costs; employees have therefore provided their contribution to revitalising the company.

The measure that was introduced for a limited period of time expires in the summer of 2013 and will not be extended. As of July or August 2013 the employees of AFG will once again work 42 hours per week. AFG is assuming that the improvements in productivity will continue to have an effect throughout 2013. AFG had already signed a forward-looking collective agreement with its social partners in November 2012 with retrospective effect from 1 July 2012, which brought various improvements for AFG staff at the Arbon and Steinach sites.

Stefan Kern
Head Corporate Communications