Consisting of EgoKiefer, Wertbau, Slovaktual and Dobroplast, the Windows Division is one of Europe's leading window manufacturers. The four companies offer customised window systems made of wood, wood/aluminium, vinyl, vinyl/aluminium and aluminium, designed to accommodate every building situation. The extensive range of windows is further complemented by balcony and lift-andslide doors, front doors and shade solutions. The products are made in the three production competence centres in Germany, Slovakia and Poland, as well as in a service shop for custom solutions in Switzerland. In its target markets, the division operates its own decentralised sales organisations and extensive dealer networks.



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Langenwetzendorf (D) 
Lublin (PL)
Pravenec (SK)
Zambrow (PL) 


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Grossmatte West, Littau/Luzern (CH)

The "Grossmatte West" development in Littau/Lucerne (CH) comprises 164 apartments and commercial space of various sizes. The large property is centrally located and marks the start of the planned expansion of the city. The development was the first in the city of Lucerne to be built according to the ecological criteria of the "2000 Watt Society". EgoKiefer was allowed to install 962 plastic/aluminium Ego®One windows (164 of which were lift and slide doors) so that the residents of this property could also experience peace and relaxation in their apartments.