Consisting of EgoKiefer, Wertbau, Slovaktual and Dobroplast, the Windows Division is one of Europe's leading window manufacturers. The four companies offer customised window systems made of wood, wood/aluminium, vinyl, vinyl/aluminium and aluminium, designed to accommodate every building situation. The extensive range of windows is further complemented by balcony and lift-andslide doors, front doors and shade solutions. The products are made in the three production competence centres in Germany, Slovakia and Poland, as well as in a service shop for custom solutions in Switzerland. In its target markets, the division operates its own decentralised sales organisations and extensive dealer networks.


EgoKiefer is the no. 1 for windows and doors. For over 80 years our broad range of products, one-to-one on-site consultations and our professional project execution have been our distinguishing features. Our 10 sales locations, our WindowDoorService and over 350 specialised sales partners mean we are always nearby with a guarantee of convenient solutions from A to Z.


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Exterior Doors


Wertbau is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality windows and house doors in Germany. Its extensive range includes products made of wood, wood/aluminium, vinyl, vinyl/aluminium and aluminium. The products are characterised by their artisanal quality, longevity, functionality and stability.


An eye on functionality Slovaktual impresses with PVC and aluminium windows and doors.


Quality synthetic windows

From producing profiles to delivering products, Dobroplast offers an attractive range of PVC windows and doors.