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The Climate Division is a leading provider of heat transfer products for all application areas – from residential construction to commercial and industrial buildings.

To the Doors Division

The Climate Division offers energy-efficient systems for indoor climate in all types of buildings. Their solutions for heat / cold generation, heat and energy storage, heat / cold distribution, as well as for ventilation and air filtration impress both in new construction and in renovation projects. Its integrated, high-performance production sites and a sales organisation close to customers makes it a market leader in Europe. Sustainability and energy efficiency are integral parts of the division’s identity, which thus makes an important contribution to climate protection throughout the world.

8 factories

Number of state of
the art facilities

CHF 646.2 M

Net revenues 2022

~ 7%

Net revenue CAGR

CHF 59.2 M

EBITDA excl. one-time effects 2022


Ambition for 2026: 60% of net revenues with growth products

The focus of the Climate Division can be summarised by the term "comfortable and healthy indoor climate". The division offers a comprehensive product portfolio and integrated system solutions for residential and commercial areas – from heat/cold generation, energy storage, and heat/cold distribution up to ventilation and air filtration. The division thereby provides the answer to the question of how to live and work in a climate-friendly way in the future. This system, consisting of energy-efficient products, forms the basis for opening up new markets and gaining additional market shares.

In 2015, around 75% of the division's revenue came from conventional products such as flat panel radiators and only 25% was from growth products such as ventilation units, heat pumps, underfloor heating and fan coils. Today, the revenues are split roughly equally between the two product areas, and by 2026 the division expects the share of growth products to increase to over 60% of its revenues.

Growth products

The strategy of the Climate Division clearly reflects the important megatrends of "CO2 reduction" as well as "healthy and sustainable indoor climate". The recently adopted comprehensive climate protection package of the EU Commission, corresponding to those of the member states, which has climate targets of 55% greenhouse gas savings by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050, confirms the long-term strategic orientation of the division. For several years now, as in the reporting year, the division has consistently pursued a strategy of being an innovative provider of sustainable heating systems and their components: from modern heat generation and optimum heat exchange to energy storage for all types of buildings and scopes of application, both for new construction and renovation markets.

With the construction of the new production plant in Opočno (CZ, see picture on the right, status May 2022), the division is ideally positioning itself in the strongly growing market for heat pumps, with a capacity of approx. 10 000 units per year. In line with this strategy, a new resource-saving, highly efficient generation of air-to-water heat pumps for the lower and medium output range was launched.

With the acquisition of the Serbian company Termovent as of 1 July 2021, the Climate Division was not only able to expand its geographical presence in South-Eastern Europe but also significantly deepened its expertise in the area of air handling units. Cleanroom technology is the second focus of Termovent and rounds off the division’s product portfolio in the commercial and industrial ventilation systems segment.

Mature products

With the title «best in class», the first important pillar of the division strategy consists of the broad and competitive product portfolio for radiators. In this segment, the division has been pursuing the goal of being the most competitive supplier in Europe for some time. This includes selected investments to enable highly flexible and profitable production with modern and largely automated production technology.  

In the course of implementing the strategy of "best in class" production for radiators, the consolidation of the production volume of flat radiators was announced with the planned closure of the plant in Tubbergen (NL). The capacities of this plant will be consolidated into the two plants in Plattling (DE) and Legnica (PL). In addition, there are ongoing projects to reduce complexity and lower costs.

Production sites

Company Location Manufactured products
AFG RUS Stupino (RUS) Flat panel radiators
Brugman Fabryka Grzejników Sp. z o.o. Legnica (PL) Design and steel panel radiators
Kermi GmbH Plattling (DE) Flat panel radiators
Kermi s.r.o. Stříbro (CZ) Special radiators, battery storage
PZP Heating a.s. Opočno (CZ) Heat pumps
Sabiana Corbetta (IT) Ventilation and air conditioning units (gas
fired unit heaters, radiant panels, fan coils,
central air conditioning units, heat recovery,
filter technology, evaporative coolers)
Termovent Komerc d.o.o. Kladovo (SRB) Air-handling units for cleanrooms
Vasco BV Dilsen (BE) Design radiators, ventilation, pipes for
underfloor heating


Braun AG in Gossau (CH)

In the new building of Braun AG in Gossau (CH), 133 pieces of Ascotherm® are on display in the exhibition rooms on the ground floor and 1st floor as well as in the meeting rooms and the cafeteria of the attic. Underfloor convectors from Arbonia were used for heating and cooling. The motto of the exhibition is: Experience history and a lot of information about wood in a different way!

Nestlé Offices in Milan (I)

At Nestlé's Milan offices, comprising several imposing buildings, 1,000 Carisma CRC-ECM fan coils have been installed, with innovative brushless and sensorless electronic motors controlled by inverter board, designed and developed in Italy, ensuring the lowest possible noise, a room temperature that is always near the set point, and power consumption equivalent to one quarter of that of traditional appliances. 

Highschool Kaiserslautern (D)

Since this year there has been a high school for American armed forces at the US base in Kaiserslautern (D). 850 pupils from grades 9 to 12 receive highly qualified training in the "Kaiserlautern Military Community". The Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung was responsible for the construction of the 17,200 square metre building complex. The school's structural design is outstanding: the individual learning areas and the sports and gymnastics hall open from a central auditorium with stage and gallery. More than 10,000 square metres of Kermi x-net pimpled slab were installed in the complex.
(Picture source: Dorsch Gruppe)

Ikazia Hospital Rotterdam (NL)

In 2016, the lovely Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam (NL) launched an important building project that will enable them to meet the demand for care in the future. This involves the demolition and renovation of a number of obsolete wards (3,400 m2) and a new-build project is being added (7,400 m2). Van Galen Installation Technics, appointed for mechanical engineering jobs, was responsible for the air conditioning. For this project they concluded a partnership with Brugman, opting for 350 Brugman Centric and Mini radiators.


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