Working for Arbonia

Working environment

It is important to us that we promote and support a positive working environment. In addition to the sphere of work, we include other areas of our employees' lives. The compatibility of these areas of life is the focus of our action. In particular, this means reconciling family life and work. We accompany and support our employees at various stages in their life that may be of particular significance, but are not necessarily linked to the practice of the profession. For this reason, we offer our employees comprehensive and individual solutions. For example, we enable mothers to return to work after maternity leave so that on the one hand they do not fall out of the loop, and on the other so that they may gain valuable know-how within the company and consolidate it. Leadership roles for mothers are also supported and expanded.

Fringe Benefits

In all companies within Switzerland, we have largely harmonised employment conditions. This includes staggering holidays of at least 25 days, which can be increased up to 30 days depending upon age. Our employees at all of our Swiss companies also benefit from flexible working, free parking and free drinking water, as well as various other perks (gym access, movement classes, car accessories, hotel discounts) and much more.


Social insurance is an important pillar of our company. It supports employee performance and strengthens conditions for maintaining employment. In Switzerland, Arbonia's outstanding contributions to social causes makes it an attractive place to work. Our employees benefit from a tiered holiday entitlement system that can allow them up to 6.5 weeks. Additionally, private insurance ensures that our employees around the world are covered in the event of an accident either at or outside of the workplace. As an employer, we take on a bigger proportion of savings contributions in workplace pension schemes. Employees aged 35 and over also have the voluntary option to pay more than the fixed premiums into their retirement savings, and increase their capital as a result. As a result, employees benefit from higher pension or a capital payment when they are older. Where retirement provisions are concerned, Arbonia offers customised pension solutions including semi-retirement and bridging pensions before old-age and survivors' insurance takes effect.

Career opportunities

Promoting the development of our employees is one of the core components of our company. Developing suitable junior employees from among our own ranks to positions of greater responsibility will have a lasting impact on safeguarding specific in-house knowledge. There are numerous opportunities for our employees. In addition to a classic development path leading to taking on management responsibility, technical and method-specific development paths were established; these offer employees good career opportunities and open up further opportunities for the companies to ensure and build upon success. Today, in addition to classic leadership pathways, employees also have access to careers within project management organisation or the organisation of professional competencies.

HR Development

The Arbonia Group supports employees in further developing their skills. For this reason, the Arbonia Group has developed a uniform performance process for all employees of all companies, which will be developed in dialogue with the managers during a 2–hour conversation. The process focuses in particular on the development of employees and psychosocial risks, in order to be able to initiate preventive measures. In order to safeguard our middle and lower management, we have introduced simplified time recording this year.

Education and training

All employees of the Arbonia Group benefit from education and training opportunities, which are individually agreed with their managers. With the aim of establishing a sustainable leadership concept focusing on the long term, 2016 saw the formulation of MDP II (Management Development Programme II) as a follow-up to MDP I. The extensive training involved in this is specifically designed to promote team performance, the ability to handle periods of transition, and awareness of emotional intelligence.

Vocational training

In the Swiss companies Arbonia Services AG, EgoKiefer AG and RWD Schlatter AG we educate learners in the following occupations: business person, E/B/M profile, computer scientist and joinery trainee and support our learners very intensively and individually throughout the training. Upon successful completion, we offer further employment if possible.


On the topic of employee satisfaction, various events are being held throughout the Arbonia Group. This includes the annual Ski day on the Lenzerheide, participation in the company run in St. Gallen, as well as Christmas celebrations carried out locally in the individual companies.

Human Resources

Our global HR departments provide support during the whole employer-life-cycle: