People at Arbonia

Erhan Dzaferi, System Engineer at Arbonia Services AG

My time at Arbonia Services AG began in August 2012, when I started my apprenticeship as a computer scientist combined with a vocational baccalaureate. The apprenticeship was really exciting and varied, especially because there was, and still is, a large server landscape. After the successful completion of my four-year training, Arbonia immediately took me on as an IT Client/Server Engineer, and I was extremely happy about that. I really liked the customer contact and the challenge of solving diverse and complex problems, and I was also able to expand my expertise considerably. Two years ago, I started extra-occupational studies in business information technology. Thanks to my employer's flexibility, I can easily combine my career and my studies. Personnel development is very important in the Arbonia Group, and the fact that I was able to change my role to System Engineer is a typical example. It was ideal that I was able to slowly grow into the new role and learn so much. I particularly like the whole team, which is very friendly and has a good sense of humour; everyone feels at home here. The diverse environment of the Arbonia Group means there are a many challenges. From an IT point of view, however, this also makes the work particularly attractive. Technology plays a role here every day as new things are created and I really enjoy learning something new all the time.

In my spare time I like to do something with my family or friends. We go play football, tennis or basketball – whatever we fancy. Sometimes we meet after work to play table tennis or watch a movie together. In fact, I can proudly say that my job is also my hobby. I can always use what I've learnt from my job or from my spare time for the company or for myself.

Jovanka Arsic, Accountant at Arbonia Services AG

In August 1999 I began my training as an administrative assistant at Arbonia Services AG. Since I spent a lot of time in the accounting department during the training and this department was a lot of fun, I was lucky to get a permanent job in the accounts receivable department. Today, I work as an accountant. This includes managing the principal ledgers and sub-ledgers, preparing monthly and annual financial statements, liquidity planning and drawing up VAT invoices. Financial accounting is very varied and since I am a numbers person, I feel totally at home in this area. I particularly like the varied work, the modern workplace and our flexible working hours – this gives me the opportunity to reconcile work and family: I work part-time and I am the mother of three children. In this way, our working time model allows me a lot of flexibility. I also maintain a friendly relationship with my team and with my managers, which has a positive impact on everyday work. The changes in the group mean that again and again, I am faced with exciting challenges, which is why I have never been bored, even after all these years. 

In my free-time, I love being a mum. I do a lot with my family, which I really enjoy and it makes me very happy. We like going on holiday to the south of France, which is always a great experience for the whole family. To finish off my day during the week, I like to read a book in the evening. 

Wolfgang Haltiner, Window Fitter at EgoKiefer AG, St. Gallen Branch

I joined the company, EgoKiefer AG again in July 2014 as a fitter, having previously worked in the same capacity for 4 years. Since I had some very positive experiences there in the past, I decided to rejoin EgoKiefer. I go to different construction sites every day where I carry out the contracts. These include constructing and fitting different windows and doors. A big challenge in my work is dealing with how heavy these elements are. We have extremely heavy windows and doors, which can barely be carried manually or without the help of somebody else. Depending on the construction site, a crane or a platform is available, and these work as assembly aids. If no mechanical aids are available, then you have to rely on a craftsman's creativity, which in turn makes the work very exciting. Because of the weight, it is crucial that I properly and deliberately separate the forces so that I don't cause myself any damage.I particularly like the fact that I can work very independently and that I can make my own decisions in respect of my daily work. The cooperation with my work colleagues, as well as being in touch with customers are all things that I really like. It is a good day for me if I have cleanly carried out a job and the customer is satisfied. In contrast, in my opinion, the conditions in the "Schreinerverband" collective agreement could be improved.

In my spare time, I like to ride motorbikes and spend time in the gym so that I can stay fit for my job and build my muscles. Hiking in the great outdoors is also one of my favourite things to do.

Novinka Krajisnik, Incoming Goods Logistics at Arbonia Solutions AG

Since November 1994, I have been working for Arbonia Solutions AG. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in various departments and job roles. I have operated the various machines and have completed the respective courses. I have been working in Logistics since 2017. My main tasks are the receipt of goods, the processing of returns, the picking of direct customer orders and the storage of various products for the companies Arbonia Solutions AG and Prolux Solutions AG. At the moment I am undergoing further training as a Swiss Federal Logistics Specialist, something that is supported by my employer. I am very pleased about this support and the fact that employees receive the opportunity for further training. I am also very lucky with the atmosphere in the team and with my superiors and the way in which they manage. I find the work really exciting and I love doing it. It is important to me that I can also make a valuable contribution to the team. I also like the fact that I can work very independently. For the future, I hope to successfully complete my further training and enjoy more exciting times at Arbonia Solutions AG.

I spend my free time with my family. This is something that I enjoy very much. Our next holiday destination together is America and we would like to travel around there. To balance out my work, I go for walks and bike rides around the beautiful Lake Constance.

Yves Siegwart, Head of Department, Project Management at RWD Schlatter AG

My time at RWD began in January 2000 in the role of project manager, although until then, I had only had experience working as a carpenter. Soon I was promoted to Head of Project Management. I was very young then and had no leadership experience, which meant that this role was a big challenge for me. But I really wanted to grab this opportunity with both hands. I have been managing 20 employees for a few years now and I have learned a lot during this time. My main tasks include managing my staff, personnel and capacity planning, implementing the budget, as well as active participation and support in day-to-day business or projects. Also the support between the different branches is also a part of my work. In addition to this, I am the contact person for customer complaints. Our department is the hub between all internal departments, as well as being the point of contact for all customers and responsible for the entire order. This is why my job role is extremely varied and exciting, but also always a challenge because every job is different. What I particularly like about working at RWD is the family culture and the friendly atmosphere. Also, the way in which I can find an outlet for my creativity in the daily work and the way in which I am given many freedoms, is a big plus point for me. I am very enthusiastic about my job and I am committed to my team, but also to the whole company.

In addition to my job as a department manager, I am also the president of the Employee Committee. It is very important to us in this work body, that we can maintain and develop our relaxed, family-like culture and cohesion.

To recharge my batteries, I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and son. In addition, I do active sports such as cycling, playing squash, and running. Another passion of mine is travelling to different countries. 

Albert Nobel, works at Bekon-Koralle AG in the installation department

I started working for Bekon-Koralle in November 1981. In actual fact, my sister applied to Bekon Koralle. After they told her that they were looking for a male person for a vacancy, I tried my luck. As chance would have it, I got the job.

My main responsibility is the installation of shower partitions or their individual components according to the delivery note. In addition, I sometimes take care of preparing the material. Of course, we all support each other in the team and get stuck in wherever help is needed. I really appreciate how willing everyone is in the group to help each other. At the beginning I worked in the cutting department. I was then offered the opportunity within a number of months to change departments and so I now work in element construction. I really like my job and always enjoy it. After all these years, I still get up every morning with a smile on my face and look forward to going to work, which I think is an amazing thing. My job is very exciting because I can always learn something new and my activities are varied. I hope that I can continue to actively support Bekon Koralle and be part of the team until I retire.

Of course, I also need something to balance out the work. I enjoy cycling in my spare time, and I like motorcycle tours in the Black Forest – I really enjoy spending time outdoors and I am a nature-loving person.