Supplementary information for investors

Number of shares      
Registered par value CHF 4.2069'473'24369'473'24369'473'24369'473'24369'473'24368'485'790
Registered par value CHF 4.20 average number69'473'23469'473'23469'473'23469'473'24369'061'80447'448'515
Stock market prices in CHF      
Stock market capitalisation in CHF million (31/12)1'431.1986.5875.4750.31'128.91'123.2
Per share data      
Gross dividend in CHF10.300.47 10.00
Pay-out ratio (in % of Group earnings)
Group earnings in CHF2.
Cash flow from operating activities in CHF1.
Shareholders' equity in CHF15.012.912.612.812.410.5
Price/earnings ratio (highest)10.822.035.727.628.4106.1
Price/earnings ratio (lowest)6.88.926.515.822.454.6
Price/earnings ratio (31/12)10.322.033.416.324.2102.3
Price/cash flow ratio (highest)
Price/cash flow ratio (lowest)
Price/cash flow ratio (31/12)

1 2021 proposal to the Annual General Meeting | Combined dividend for the 2019 financial year of CHF 0.22 and the 2020 financial year of CHF 0.25
2 Dividend of CHF 0.22 for the 2019 financial year deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic